10 Outdoor Games Perfect for an Alcohol Free Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties are often correlated with two things: booze and strip joints. But neither of these are needed for a fun and memorable Bachelor party. Some individuals just prefer not to consume alcohol and others may be underage but want to participate fully in the festivities. 

Drinking obviously affects mood, and limits what physical activities you can do. With no alcohol it opens up the door to many outdoor activities and competitions that require real skill, focus, and a bit of danger. So lets get down to the 10 games for an alcohol free bachelor party.

Alcohol Free Bachelor Party Games

Hammer & Nail Relay Race

This contest combines two aspects of real manhood: using a hammer and speed. Two teams complete to see who can hammer in their nail first but the twist is each player only gets one hit at a time and must run bank to the line and tag their next teammate when they are done.

You only need two boards, tree stumps, any wood block really, plus two hammers and several nails. The nails should be good sized, a 4-5 inch heavy duty nail, should do the trick.

Strongman Competition

Is there a more masculine contest than finding out who is the strongest? Just lifting something heavy to see which of you is the strongest would be to boring. If you ever watch the strongman competitions on TV you will know that they have a variety of challenges to test the strength of each competitor and each one has a skill or endurance component to it.

This is where the fun comes in. Four exciting and sober challenge design a series of simple strongman events for everyone to compete in. Here are some examples:

  • Tire Throw: Similar to the shot put track event. Use an old tire of whatever size you think your group can handle and see who can hurl it the farthest.
  • Hammer in a Stake: You need a small sledge hammer and a steel stake. Make a mark about six inches or so up the stake. See who can hammer the stake in the ground up to that mark the fastest. This can be done as a race, with two players competing at the same time.
  • One Inch Push-up: Players hold a pushiup position with their nose about one inch off the ground. The last person who remains holding this position wins. 
  • Tire flipping Race: Mark off a short course. Players must flip their tire down the track and back.
  • Farmer Carry: Fill two five-gallon buckets full of water or sand. It doesn’t matter what really as long as they are heavy. Players hold a bucket in each hand and must make their way down and back on a marked course. This can also be done as a race.
  • Fireman Rescue: You need a few large, heavy bags. A 50 lb bag of dog food or somthing of similar weight. Competitors start on one end of the yard or area. The bags are on the other side. When the start sound is given they run to the bags and hoist it over their shoulder. Then they must carry each bag back one at a time. This challenge can be done as a race, or if you have a limitied amount of bags, you can just time each person. 


A little bit of an old fashioned choice, horseshoes is an excellent idea for a bachelor party with no alcohol. Horesshoes are heavy and you don’t want to have to worry about spilling a drink or rogue tosses by someone who has over indulged.

Horseshoes is a classic game that can be easily set up in almost any yard. It is fairly universal and just about everyone will know how to play. You can set up several games at once to keep everyone involved. 


On their own drinking and airsoft guns can be fun. Mixing them together is a bad idea. If you are throwing an alcohol free bachelor party then bring out the air soft gear and challenge your guests to a little friendly combat.

Airsoft is an exhilarating and action-packed choice for a bachelor party, offering a unique experience for the groom-to-be and friends. Engage in thrilling combat scenarios and team-based gameplay. 

Airsoft guns, which shoot non-lethal plastic pellets, allow participants to experience the excitement and adrenaline rush of simulated battles. The tactical nature of airsoft requires strategic thinking, communication, and teamwork. 

Here is a great place to start to find out all the gear you need and how to play.


Off-roading with ATVs can be an incredible choice for a bachelor party, offering an adventurous and adrenaline-fueled experience for the entire crew. Obviously this is an activity that you can’t do if alcohol is involved.

You will offcourse need ATV’s or other off roading vehicles plus a place to go, limiting the accessibility of this activity. But, there are many race tracks or other off-roading experiences that you can rent.

Trap Shooting

Shooting sports are a sophisticated past time. The respect and maturity involved in any firearm competition is what makes trap shooting a true gentleman’s endeavor. Also, it goes with out saying, a bachelor party with alcohol would not be the place for firearms. This makes it an great activitie for a bachelor party if you are not going to include drinking.

If you are new to trap shooting, it is good to find someone in the group who may have some experience and equipment already. You can learn more about getting started in this article. As an alternative, you can always look for a local gun range that you could book for your event. 

Spicy Eating Contest

Turn it up to 11 by having everyone see who can handle the spiciest pepper, wings, or sauce. This promises a fiery and unforgettable experience and will create a fun and competitive atmosphere. 

Cheer each other on or laugh at the hilarious reactions. The thrill of pushing limits and conquering intense heat is definately a unique and memorable way to celebrate the groom-to-be. With a little spice-induced pain, this game adds a zesty twist to the party, making it an ideal and unforgettable choice for a bachelor party. Don’t forget to have some milk handy. 

Axe Throwing

Let’s face it, whoever decided that axe throwing should be a game was probably drinking then they did so. However, Axe throwing is a competition that does require some focus and safety. Especially if you are going to be setting up your own range. 

You can have your bachelor party head to a local axe throwing establishment, or you can set up an axe throwing range at home. There are sure to be thrills and excitement, just be sure to aim downrange! Axe throwingis not a common game that people play regularly, so it offers a fresh and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Ultimate Yard Game Challenge 

If you need something competitive but a little less strenuous than a strongman competition. A yard game tourney could be just the thing. Divide up teams compete in a series of classic yard games. Cornhole, horseshoes, ladder toss, giant pong, Bocce ball, etc. 

Choose enough different games so that everyone is competing at once, minimizing downtime. You can award points for the teams that win the most contests to decide the undisputed overall most dominate yard game duo.

Yard Game Options:

American Gladiator Jousting

Bachelor parties, like many events these days, are often well-documented on the socials with photos and videos. If you want something that will really stand out, American Gladiator style Jousting provides visually captivating moments that can be captured and shared. Photos and videos of participants engaged in battle, can be impressive, but will at least be humorous. 

Jousting is an intense and physically engaging activity, so it is the perfect contest to provide entertainment for a party when you don’t want to drink. Everyone will be itching for their turn to pummel an opponent. The adrenaline-pumping atmosphere, will make it an unforgettable bachelor party.

We are willing to bet that you probably don’t have the combat sticks for jousting lying around at home. Don’t worry you can find them online here.

Time for Fun

You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. The people and the games provide the excitement thrill and memories. We hope these games will challenge and thrill your bachelor party attendees.

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