At The Right Games we have been to good parties and bad. Memorable events and forgettable occurrences. Engaging meetings, and boring formalities. We find that often the difference can be the right game.

Tell me if you have been here before: you are at a party. People are standing around in small groups, sipping drinks and exchanging small talk. The room is filled with a quiet murmur of voices and the occasional clink of glasses, but there is no laughter or energy in the air. In the corner of the room, a couple of people stand awkwardly, checking their phones. One of them tries to make a joke, but it falls flat and no one laughs.  

Nothing is worse than a boring party. Great food and plenty of drinks are nice, but the key to a great party is finding the right game for your group. The best parties work because people engage with one another, have fun, and create real memories. 

Finding the right game can be a challenge. To pick the perfect game for an event, party, or gathering, you will need to ask these four questions: 

  1. Who is My Audience: This one is pretty easy to understand but it is important to remember. I have been to parties where the activity was “cookie decorating” for an office party of mostly 30-60 year old males. Not exactly the right fit.   
  2. Easy to Learn?: If your guest perceive a game as too complicated they will be less likely to participate. A game that is easy to learn can get everyone involved and playing faster.
  3. What is The Setting: The setting of your party, event, gathering, etc. is crucial to take into consideration when choosing a game that will work well. There are several factors: Is it a formal occasion, is it casual, how big is the crowd, where is it, school, office, etc. In door, outdoor, and so on.
  4. Is It Fun?: What makes something fun? It is not an exact science but in order for a game to be fun it should be challenging, somewhat humorous, a bit competitive, and engaging.    

This is why therightgames.com exists! We have worked to curate specific game ideas that meet these requirements for a variety of age groups, settings, interests, and occasions. If you have any concerns about throwing a boring party or you want to take your party from good to great, you are in luck, because here you will find the right games!