11 Board Games Perfect for Your Beach House

Whether you are an Air B&B Host or you are just furnishing your beach house for your family, a great board game collection is a must. Sometimes you need a break from the sun, or need something to do when a storm rolls in. Either way, board games offer the perfect chance for bonding, fun, and memories. 

Beach House Board Games

In this list we will offer you a selection of unique, exciting, and just plain fun board games all with an ocean, beach, or water theme!

Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails

Ticket to Ride has become a classic board game loved by many. Rails & Sails is the version that incorporates the high seas into the traditional game play making it the perfect game to play when relaxing seaside. 

Description: The goal of this game is to build rail and shipping routes. The game is simple and fast paced. It can be played with 2-5 players. To win it will take critical thinking, planning, and a little luck. 

Gameplay: Players draw route cards at the beginning of the game. They must complete these routes to earn points. During each round players draw cards that allow them to complete sections of their routes. Some routes have special qualifications in addition to having the correct number of cards to complete the route.

Survive: Escape from Atlantis!

When bad whether tries to ruin your day at the beach, you can still experience a sense of adventure and excitement with this thrilling game. Survive: Escape from Atlantis! Is a survival board game that will bring out your extinct for self preservation.

Description: The objectiv of this game is to escape from a sinking island. To do so you will need to navigating through treacherous waters while avoiding deadly sea creatures. Don’t expect help from your fellow players, This game is every man for himself!

Gameplay: Players control multiple island inhabitants called “meeples”. The goal is to strategically move them towards safety by using boats or swimming. Sabotage also plays a large part in this game, making sure to keep everyone on guard.

The game is played in turns. Players first must strategically decide where to place game pieces, how to move their “meeples”, and what pieces of the island to remove. Each round is ended with the player rolling the dice to see what additional actions to take. 

Check out Survive: Escape from Atlantis! And see what you think.

Forbidden Island

Hunting for treasure is a classic activity for beach goers. If you spend the day on the beach hunting for treasure but have no luck, do not worry. You can spend the evening in the beach house scavenging for treasure playing Forbidden Island.

Description: In Forbidden Island, players must work together to collect treasures from a mysterious sinking island and then escape before it’s completely flooded.

Gameplay: There are four special relics on the island that the players must work together to collect. Each player has different abilities. Players draw cards and manage their hand independently. Players can take multiple actions each turn and then draw extra cards. Players lose if certain areas of the board are flooded or the water level reaches its highest level.

The fact that players work together rather than compete makes this game a refreshing and intriguing challenge. 


Every board game collection needs a complex game for players looking for a challenge. Seafall offers just that while providing some serious maritime exploration.

Description: In “Seafall,” players represent competing nations vying for total dominance on the high seas. The game tests players strategic decision-making and offers exploration and storytelling in a seafaring setting.

Gameplay: The game is played over a series of interconnected sessions. Each session building upon the previous one. The decisions and outcomes carry over to the next session effective the expanding narrative and overall gameplay.

Players will lead their fleets of ships to navigate and explore various uncharted islands, each with its own unique features and resources. The game includes four main elements: exploration, resource management, trading, and combat.

This game is complex and watching a tutorial is highly recommended:


Spend enough time starring at the ocean and you will start to wonder what is beneath the surface. In Oceanos, you are a submariner exploring the deep blue sea. What better game for a beach house than one that satiates your curiosity of the depths of the ocean.

Description: Players control and manage their own submarines as they explore the underwater realms. They complete by searching for treasure and discovering different species of marine life. 

Gameplay: The game is played in three rounds. In each round there is a exploration, descend, and scoring phase. When you start each player receives a submarine board, a crew board, and a set of cards. The ocean tiles are set face down on the table.

In the exploration phase, players select face-down ocean tiles, revealing what they are and adding it to their submarine. The tiles contain different elements that effect how the player proceeds. The players score based on their discoveries they find.

After three rounds, players tally their points from each round and add them up. The player with the highest score wins the game. Beyond these basics there are additional rules and mechanics to enhance gameplay.

Hey, That’s My Fish!

Every collection of board games needs to have something goofy and appealing to the kids. Hey, That’s My Fish! is a simple strategy game that is easier to learn and provides a fun challenge for kids and adults alike.

Description: Players control penguins who are on a mission to collect as many fish as possible.  But the twist in this strategic game is to do so before the ice beneath them breaks apart. Get stuck in the wrong spot and your penguin is a goner.

Gameplay: Players strategically move their penguins across the ice board pieces. Each piece is worth either 1, 2, or 3 fish. When a penguin lands on a piece they get those fish. Then the piece that they started on is removed from the board, leaving a gap that penguins can’t cross. If your penguin gets stranded and cannot move, they are removed from the game. As more pieces are removed there are fewer paths and players must adapt to win.


A vacation with family and friends is a great time to pay a board game. But, finding a games that are both challenging and interesting enough for adults, while being quick to learn is difficult. Kahuna is a rare game that is easy to learn but still offers strategic gameplay and a pleasing challenge. 

Description: In this game, the players compete for dominance of an archipelago in the middle of the ocean. This two-player game moves fast and one move can change the outlook of the game quickly!

Gameplay: The goal is to gain control of island. To do this players need to place bridges between islands. When you control an island, meaning you have more bridges to an island than your opponent, you can remove their bridge. To place bridges you need the correct cards, you start with three cards and draw a card each round. Points are scored based on how many islands you control each round.

Mermaid Rain

On the surface (pun intended) Mermaid Rain seems like a silly game that might appeal to kids, but the gameplay is complex and original. For those who want their beach house board game collection to maintain an ocean or beach them, Mermaid Rain is a natural fit.

Description: The object of the game is very similar to the classic Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Each player is a mermaid who wants to win the heart of a prince. To do this they need to collect treasures so they can pay a sea witch to give them legs. (I told you it was similar to The Little Mermaid). 

Gameplay: While the object of the game is not too original, the gameplay is. The game combines aspects of poker with roleplaying games. Players have different abilities and must adapt their strategies based on how others are playing the game. 

Players get to make moves and earn points by matching their cards, pairs, three of a kind, etc. The higher value “poker” hand you can produce means you can do more each round. This game will appeal to kids but the strategy is very appealing to all ages. 

Deep Sea Adventure

Looking for a game that will fit easily in your beach bag? Deep Sea Adventure is a compact game you can set up just about anywhere. The game is all about testing how far you can dive under the sea to find the most valuable treasure, and still make it back to the submarine before you run out of air.

Description: In this enticing, push-your-luck game, players take on the role of deep-sea divers. The objective is to collect the most valuable treasures. What makes this challenging is that players must do so while managing their oxygen supply. Dive to deep and you might not make it back to the sub!

Gameplay: The game is played in three rounds. On there turn, each player rolls dice to determine how far they can move and how much oxygen is consumed. Players can move deeper down the board or head back to the sub at any time during their turn. The deeper you dive the greater the treasure that you kind find, however the farther you must travel back before all the oxygen is gone. At the end of each round the players that survive count up their treasures. To win you must be a master at balancing risk and reward.

Blue Lagoon

A little bit Settlers of Catan, a little bit Risk, and a little bit Ticket to Ride. Blue Lagoon offers a refreshing take on the classic resource gathering and expansion games. Not to mention the ocean/island theme is fitting for a beach house game collection.

Description: A remote and undiscovered, archipelago serves as the setting for this game. You must spread your settlers across this unknown paradise to earn points and conquer your opponents.

Gameplay: Players will compete over territory and resources in two separate game phases. The first phase is the “exploration” phase and the second phase is the “settlement” phase. Each player aims to place their settlers in a strategic manner to score the most points. Points are allocated at the end of each phase. Players earn points by collecting resources, statues, long chains of settlers, and establishing villages. 

Ocean Labyrinth

Mazes are loved by kids and adults alike. This ocean themed maze game offers easy to learn and quick gameplay with an interactive board.

Description: Ocean Labyrinth is a simple and exciting game. With one move you can set yourself up for success while at the same time foiling the plans of your opponents. You must navigate a maze to seek out each treasure on your cards. The twist is that you must navigate an ever changing maze to seek each one out.

Gameplay: Each game is different. The maze tiles are randomly laid out on the board and there is one extra maze tile. That tile is used to slide the maze each turn. Players gets dealt a hand of cards. Each card contains a creature/treasure that they must collect. When you collect all of your items, you must return to your starting square to win.

Final Thought

A beach house or vacation home needs a good collection of board games for downtime, inclement weather, or just family bonding. A great mix of classic games and new challenges with a beach or ocean theme can really add to the experience of your time at the beach.

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