11 Fun Office Tailgate Party Games Your Co-workers Will Actually Want to Play

For many, tailgate parties have become more important than whatever sporting event you happen to be attending. They are known for great food, plenty of drinks, and entertaining games. Their distinctive atmosphere allows adults to let loose and have a good time in a way they typically do not.

With all of these appealing aspects, it makes sense to want to bring the spirit of tailgating to your office and provide your team with a day filled with fun and friendly competition. Finding the right games that people will enjoy is crucial to creating the perfect office tailgate party.

That’s why we made this list of 11 creative tailgating game ideas that are perfect for the workplace. Get ready to unleash the competitive side of your co-workers!

Office Tailgate Party Games

In this list, we focussed on games suitable for an office setting. They need to be easy to learn so everyone can jump in and play quickly. We also wanted games that provide the traditional “yard game” or outdoor game experience but don’t take up much space in order to work in an office. In addition to this, they need to be fun and engaging for adults. Here is the list:


As mentioned in this article on what makes a great party game, familiar game concepts make playing a game at a party or in a group more approachable. BulzIbucket (pronounced bulls-eye-bucket) is a really fun and distinct game that combines elements of classic games like ski ball and cornhole. 

This game has many pros working in its favor:

  • Lightweight so it is easy to move around or transport
  • Easy for anyone to play
  • Challenging for all ages
  • Simple rules and scoring
  • Can be played in teams or with individuals

The gameplay is quite simple. The objective is to score points by tossing the hacky sacks into the buckets. There are three bucket tiers that fit inside one another. Each is worth a different amount of points. There are also three balls for each team/player. One ball has a dot on it, this ball is worth double the points.

Check out BulzIBalls today!

Mini Golf

Mini-golf might not be a game associated with tailgating but you cannot deny the universal appeal and nostalgia of mini-golf. You might be thinking you don’t have room for a mini-golf course in your office. That is where PutterBall comes in. 

PutterBall turns mini golf into a competitive team competition for 2 or 4 players. The setup is similar to beer pong but with a golf theme. The game consists of two individuals or teams on opposite sides of the playing surface. The surface is an astro turf putting matt with a set of “cups” on each side. The cups are in a triangle pattern. 

Each player or team alternates turns trying to make putts. When a player makes a put, a cover is placed on that hole. The goal is to sink all your puts before the other team. 

Golf is a very popular activity for people who work in offices, and the competitive and interesting version of “putt-putt” offered by PutterBall is sure to get people excited!

Guessing Games

You might be throwing a tailgating party or tailgating-themed day in the office but work still needs to get done. A great game you can play that isn’t going to disrupt things in the office is a series of guessing games. 

What do we mean by guessing games? It’s simple, you set up a challenge where everyone can attempt to guess the correct answer at their leisure. Here are some examples:

  • Guess the Number of Items: Fill a jar or a clear container with a specific item related to the tailgate theme, such as mini footballs, candies, or even baseball cards. Participants have to guess the number of items in the container, and the closest guess wins a prize.
  • Guess the Team Logo: Create a poster or some type of display with images of various sports team logos. Remove the names or other words from them. Participants have to guess the names of the teams based on the logo only. If you think your office really knows its sports teams, then you can provide a partial image or use more obscure teams.
  • Guess the Player: Display interesting statistics or records of famous sports players. Participants must guess which player the stats belong to. Example: Who has scored more touchdowns than any other NFL player in history? Answer: Tom Brady

Tip: Offering a great prize for the winner is a great way to get people to participate. 


Real beer pong might not be the best idea in the office, but BucketBall offers the same excitement even without beer. The jumbo-size buckets take ordinary beer pong to the next level. 

This game checks all the boxes needed for a tailgate themed party in the office:

  • Easy to learn
  • Can be played indoors/outdoors
  • Super fun

Indoor Horseshoes

Horseshoes is a classic outdoor game that fits with the tailgating vibe. But obviously, traditional horseshoes are not going to work in an office. Fortunately, there are indoor Horseshoe options.  

The familiar and timeless appeal of Horseshoes is an excellent addition to provide more “yard game” style activities at your office tailgate party. 


A twist on one of the most iconic tailgate games. Pipfall is played like regular cornball but adds some luck to the scoring. Instead of normal bags, the players toss dice bags. The objective is to score the most points. Points are awarded based on the number of pips (the dots on the dice) that land face-up on the board.

Typically the game is played to 100 points, but there are many variations of the game. Another twist to this cornhole version is that A dice that lands in the hole on the board results in a deduction of three points, instead of gaining three points.

Pipfall is a great choice for your office tailgate because it offers a fresh alternative to a game that is likely something many people have played before. 

Guess the Score Pool

If you are throwing an office tailgate party for a specific sporting event or game, then an office pool is a no-brainer. To set it up you will want to create a sheet with different things that the participants need to guess. Depending on the sport your questions could look something like this:

  • What will the final score be?
  • How many points will ____ score?
  • Who will score the first touchdown?
  • How many home runs will be hit?

This style of game appeals to those who like a friendly wager. Require participants to put a dollar or two into the pool for each question they submit an answer for. The person who had the closest guess will get the pot. 

Biggest Fan Contest

Tailgating typically revolves around a specific sporting event but if you are throwing an office tailgate for more general good times you can encourage people to dress in their favorite team’s gear. 

This contest of “biggest fan” is judged on who can muster the greatest show of support for their favorite team. The winner is voted on by the group. 

DAGZ Dice Party Game

Looking for something unique? This dice-tossing tabletop game is going to turn some heads. DAGZ is a game where players try to land their dice in the opposing player’s goal. It combines the social engagement and skill of common outdoor party games into a compact game you can enjoy inside. 

The game requires some skill but after some practice, most anyone will be able to be competitive. So if your office is looking for something new that can still be played indoors, check out DAGZ and see if it is right for you. 

Fumble! Football Card & Pong Game

Sometimes simple yard games are not exciting or active enough for some. Fumble! is a fast-paced game that combines cards with pong. The premise is simple, a set of ping pong balls are set on the table, one less than the total number of players. One ball is orange, it is always on the table, and the rest are white. Players get dealt a hand of cards. The cards are different football positions (QB, RB, WR, etc.) When “HIKE!” is called, players begin passing a card to their left one by one. When a player collects 5 cards of the same position, that player grabs the orange ball in the center of the table, scoring a touchdown (6 points).

The rest of the players then scramble for the rest of the ping pong balls (This is the FUMBLE!). Once the balls have been claimed, players take turns bouncing their ball off the playing surface into the cup (one player will not get a ball, they are out, wa wa wa.) The white balls are worth 3 points. The player who got the touchdown can attempt to make it into the cup for an extra point. The game is typically played to 21. 

Super Skills 

No office party is complete without putting your co-workers in embarrassing positions. The Super Skills party games are a great way to get your office mates into silly positions by testing their balance, concentration, steady hands, and more. 

In this contest, players compete by seeing who can complete simple yet challenging tasks involving plastic cups, straws, a blindfold, dice, and more. Complete the most challenges and gain eternal bragging rights over your fellow man. Well maybe not quite, but everyone will be laughing watching each other attempt these feats.

Party Time

We think that these games will provide the fun and engagement anyone who is charged with throwing an office party desires. Before you go, remember to reward participation, keep things simple, and of course fun. For more information on what makes a great party game, check out this article about choosing the perfect game for your group

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