12 Spooktacular Office Halloween Party Games

Looking to throw a one-of-a-kind Halloween office party? You are probably wondering “How am I going to throw a party that people will get excited about?” 

The answer lies in a great set of party games. The trick is you need ideas that will be suitable for a professional environment, yet entertaining and challenging. A great party game can be just the jolt your ghastly gathering needs. Get ready to dive into these Halloween party games that will make your celebration like no other!

Halloween Costume Contest

Let’s risk it and start with the obvious, you need to have a costume contest. It might be cliche but it is such a staple of a Halloween party, the key is getting good participation. For a guide to getting people involved, read this article about getting your co-workers to participate in a costume contest.  

First, be sure to offer an enticing prize to encourage participation. In addition to this, set up the costume contest with categories like “Best Impersonation of a Celebrity”, “Most Unexpected” and of course “Funniest Costume.” Have everyone vote for their favorites. 

Pumpkin Smashing

Carving pumpkins takes time, effort, and attention to detail. Your co-workers have been working hard doing those things all year. They want to let loose with something stress-free, tension-relieving, and maybe a little dangerous. 

Instead of carving and painting pumpkins like a group of 3rd graders, line up some oversized squash for smashing! You just need goggles, hammers, a large tarp to make cleanup easy, and of course lots of pumpkins. 

Mummy Mystery 

Maybe you’ve taken part in a contest to wrap up someone with toilet paper before, but this game adds some intriguing Mystery and challenge. 

The premise is simple, divide up into two teams. The trans then separate and go to separate rooms. Each team then chooses one of their teammates to wrap up in toilet paper. The goal is to wrap up your mummy so well that no one from the other team can recognize them. 

When ready the teams send their mummy to the other team’s room while they stay behind. This way both teams do not know who the mummy will be. The first team to correctly identify who from the other team is wrapped up, wins!

Pumpkin Seed Spitting

A pumpkin seed spitting contest will reveal the hidden talents of your office crew. This contest will take strategy, lung power, and a willingness to embarrass yourself a little.

Depending on how much time you have, you can organize a bracket-style competition, where you pit two employees against one another at a time. The person who projects their pumpkin seed the farthest moves on in the tourney to face another winner. If time is short. You can line up all the entries and see who is able to launch their seed the farthest. 

Carve out some time to make this challenge an annual tradition!

Death Charades 

Death Charades is a macabe twist on classic charades. It is the perfect fit for the Halloween season. In this eerie version, participants are tasked with acting out different causes of death while the others try to guess it.

The oddly specific prompts are hilarious if you have the right sense of humor to laugh at life’s inevitable end. This game is perfect for large groups and it is easy to get everyone started as the rules of charades are well known. So assemble your office and get ready to enjoy some truly horrific acting!

Potion Mixing

Most adults do enjoy candy, but “Trick or Treating” is for kids. If you want an activity that will entertain and treat your staff, a cocktail mixing contest has all the ingredients to concoct a good time. 

A “potion station” contest provides a game that will allow your co-workers to showcase their creativity and their twisted side. Set up a station with various drink ingredients. Allow individuals or teams to create their own spooky cocktails or mocktails. You can present them to judges or have the entire office vote on the winners.

Secret Word

Have you ever seen the game show Password? This game is a Halloween version of that classic game. Teams of two work together to guess the secret words. One team member is given the word and they must provide one-word clues to their teammate without using the secret word. 

The teammate providing the clues is given a list of 5-10 “secret” words and the team has 30-60 seconds to guess as many as they can. You decide on the number and time limit that best suits your situation.

In this Halloween version, the “secret” words are Halloween-related items, whether they are famous movies, characters, or just traditional Halloween-associated things. As the organizer of this game, you will need to create a list of items to be used as the secret word for the teams.

Spider Web Challenge

Sometimes the best way to introduce a new game is through elaborate and dramatic decorations that completely change a room into something else. One example of this is using yarn to create a giant spider web throughout a meeting room or breakroom area. 

Using strong tape and yarn, you would weave a complex web spanning from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The game involves teams of two. One is blindfolded and the other is tasked with guiding them through the web. Fastest time wins. 

Candy Coffin/Graveyard Gobble

A spooky but delicious-tasting contest. This game requires a bit of prep work. You must choose 8-12 popular candy bars. You will crush up each one and use it as the “dirt” covering graves in a miniature cemetery display. 

The gravestones will have clues on them, the goal is for individuals to taste the ”dirt” and identify who is buried there based on the clue on the gravestone and the candy bar that is used to cover their coffin. The people buried can be famous Halloween characters, notorious figures from history, or celebrities. 

The clues on the gravestone could be the years the person lived, something intriguing about them, or some characteristic they have, etc. 

Stupid Deaths

Got a small department or staff? Stupid Deaths is a fun and spooky board game that works great for a smaller group of people. No complicated rules to learn. It is a harmless way for you and your office mates to enjoy some sinister fun. 

The game involves players trying to outrun the Grim Reaper by deciphering whether or not the stupid deaths listed on cards are true or not. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Beer Pong

If you have a more casual and rowdy crowd in your office, beer pong might be right up their alley. But you need to add a Halloween twist to make it fit into your Halloween party. 

Fortunately, there are beer pong sets that have glow-in-the-dark balls and cups. Playing a game in the dark adds a little spookiness as well as an extra challenge. Well, we certainly don’t encourage binge drinking, but responsible glow-in-the-dark beer pong is sure to be a hit. Of course, the game does not have to be played with beer, you can fill the cups with water or another drink and it can be just as fun.

Haunted Auction 

Raffles and giveaways are common staples of many office celebrations. In a Haunted Auction, participants engage in a thrilling auction where you don’t bid with money, but with secrets, dares, and promises, to win prizes! 

As the organizer of this auction, you will need to assemble a collection of Halloween-related treats, prizes, gifts, rewards, etc. You will need to act as the auctioneer or pick someone to fill that role. One by one the prizes are offered to the crowd. To win the prize bidders will need to submit on paper one of three things:

  • A Secret: One interesting, funny, unknown fact about themselves
  • Promise: Pledge to do something helpful or amusing for the office (such as making coffee for a week, bringing cookies, etc.).
  • Dare: A challenge or feat they are willing to perform in front of everyone (keeping it office-appropriate of course).

Whoever is interested submits their “bid” to the judge on a folded-up piece of paper with their name. The auctioneer reads the secret, promises, or dares aloud without revealing the name of the bidder. The audience then votes on what “bid” they prefer and that person then wins the prize. 

This truly unique way to distribute party favors or prizes is enticing and it can lead to a great variety of entertaining performances from co-workers!  

Boo-fore You Go

Throwing a fun and memorable Halloween party for your office takes creative game ideas. The games on this list are great starting points that should provide a unique and original experience. Be sure to use your personal knowledge of the tastes and preferences of your office and tailor these games as needed. 

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