Fourth of July Games that You Can Play Indoors

July 4 is a holiday that is nearly synonymous with the outdoors. Grilling, yard games, and fireworks are just a few things that come to mind. However, I can remember more than one year when the weather didn’t cooperate and an all-day rain put our plans to bed. 

When a downpour tries to damper your love for Old Glory, do not fear. We have 14 patriotic games that you can play indoors to celebrate the birth of the greatest nation on Earth!

Deal or Dual 

Dive into the history, politics, and intrigue of the American Revolution with Deal or Duel. A strategy game where you can play as a team of several of the Founding Fathers. This game is no gimmick, it is a complex strategy game that does have a bit of a learning curve. 

In “Deal or Duel,” players take on the roles of prominent figures from American history, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr. The goal of the game is to collect the most dueling cards by winning bidding wars and successfully challenging opponents to duels.

The game incorporates elements of negotiation, strategy, and chance. The cards feature various historical events and actions, and players must negotiate, bribe, and challenge their way to victory. 

Its the perfect board game to celebrate our nation’s independence while being both fun and challenging.

Start With Your State – Draw the USA Game

This rather simple game is always a surprising challenge. Simply start with a piece of paper. Whoever you select to go first draws their home state on the page and then they pass the paper to their neighbor to draw a state that borders that one. This continues until all the states have been drawn. 

You’ll get a kick out of how challenging it can be. You can divide up into teams and compare maps at the end to see whose best resembles an actual map of the US. You can see the picture below where I tried it myself, things can really get out of hand fast!

American Trivia

If you have a large group of different ages trivia is a perfect way to bring them together in a competitive game that even grandma can thrive at.

American trivia is it natural choice for Patriots to celebrate the Fourth of July went outdoor activities are not an option. Trivia can be played right away you don’t have to worry about teaching people the rules and it doesn’t require much space.

You can spice things up by making your guests answer American theme trivia questions before they gain access to certain aspects of the festivities. For example, to get a hamburger: “Who is on Mount Rushmore?” Or in order to get watermelon: tell me “Where is the Liberty Bell kept?”.   


While this one is not American-themed. Putterball is a more active game than cards or trivia that can still be played safely In doors. It won’t replace the 18 holes of golf you had planned but it will give golfers a indoor option that is challenging, and it is very replayable. It won’t get boring like simply putting into a hole would.

The setup is actually similar to beer pong where the first team to get rid of all their cups is the winner. Except, instead of throwing ping pong balls, you try to putt the golf ball into one of the cups on the board to eliminate it. The game comes with hole covers that you install after you make a putt. 

Don’t let rain keep you from enjoying some golf on the Fourth of July, check out Putterball

Pop Darts 

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a yard-style game. Pop Darts is a challenging but simple game that gives you a mix of horseshoes and darts that is safe indoors. You still get to throw something but it won’t break anything. The game is versatile and fun for kids and adults alike. 

In addition to the darts you need a smooth surface for them to stick. Countertops, smooth tables, dry erase boards work great. This game is rather simple but if your clan was anticipating some yard games only to be forced inside from severe weather, it is a fun indoor alternative that provides some “yard game” flavor.

Red White and Who?

Red White and Who is a guessing game similar to 20 questions. The goal is to guess the famous US founding father, folk hero, or influential figure selected that round. A hint is given that everyone has a chance to guess correctly and another hint is given. This goes on until someone guesses correctly.

There are five hints, revealed one at a time. The first hint is the state they were born, the second hint is the year they were born, the third hint is their occupation, The fourth hint is a famous quote by that person, turn the final hint is the thing with that person is most famous for.

If someone guesses correctly after just one hint has been revealed they get five points, if someone guesses correctly after just two hints, they receive four points. Three points after the third hint is revealed and two points after the fourth. If the fifth hint is revealed before anyone guesses correctly they only get one point.

This game does take some time to set up as you have to select your famous people and then identify the answers to the five hints needed for each one. These handy templates make it easy for anyone with a smart phone to run the game.

Beer Pong

I’m willing to bet if you had an Independence Day BBQ planned you have some red solo cups and a cooler of cold ones. If the weather has shut down your outdoor entertainment then get out your card table and send someone to fund some ping pong balls! 

I know what you are thinking. this is a game for college kids that revolves around binge drinking, I don’t want that at my family event! Don’t use beer, fill the cups with water and it actually becomes a pretty family friendly game that will make the most of the situation.

Beer pong, even without the booze, has many of the key aspects that make a good party game. People are active, not sitting. There is competition, there is skill, and just about anyone can play it. If you have red, white, and blue ping pong balls it will really take it up a notch.  

Bean Bags/Modified Cornhole

Cornhole has become one of the most popular yard games and no outdoor party is complete without it. However, the space required for this game makes it difficult to play indoors. However, don’t throw your bean bags in the back corner of the garage just yet. You can modify the game slightly to make it work inside.

The first option is to make a ring or square about 12 inches in diamter with a smaller ring/square inside of it. You can make the squares/rings whatever size you want based on your skill level and how much room you have. This serves as your “board” and you can assing points for making into the larger square and the center ring as you would with the real game. 

Another option is a small basket or bucket can serve as your target if you do not have tape or don’t want to put tape on your floor. 

Missing out on a good cornhole tournament due to weather would certainly be a bummer for me personally, so this is one of my personal favorites. 

Washington’s War 

Finally, we have a classic strategy game based upon The Revolutionary War. Although this is just a two person game, it cannot be excluded from this list due to its historical relevance to the occasion. 

In “Washington’s War” players take control of either the American or British forces. They compete to control key locations and colonies on the game board. The immersive game incorporates various strategic elements, including military operations, political events, and resource management.

The objective of the game differs for each side with the American player looking to build the continental army and gain control of locations to win independence. The British player must put a stop to the rebellion by capturing cities and forcing the colonies to submit. 

The gameplay involves maneuvering your armies, fighting battles, and managing political events that can influence the direction of the war. The game utilizes a card-based system where players draw cards and use them to perform actions. The cards represent real historical events and figures from the Revolutionary War era.

“Washington’s War” is a historical accurate and satisfyingly complex game. It allows players to relive and reshape the events of the American Revolutionary War. If you are into strategy games, July 4th is the perfect opportunity to play this incredible game.

One More Thing. . .

Good weather or not a Fourth of July celebration should be meaningful. Take time to appreciate the freedoms we have and those who make it possible!

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