Fun Golfing Games That Help You Practice at Home

Golfing is great. It is one of the rare games that anyone can play during about any stage of life. The constant pursuit of improvement makes this sport truly unique. But golf does have a lot of requirements in order to play. You need a set of clubs, you need good weather, and obviously you need a course to play. On top of all that, it can be costly if you play a lot.

If you enjoy golf but one or all of these things might be keeping you from enjoying more rounds, then check out these games. Each one offers a simulated golf experience that you can play at home. Many of these games are not only fun but can actually help you to improve your overall golf game!

Golf Games You Can Play at Home

Chipping Mats 

All great golfers have a solid short game. This takes practice but chipping over and over again into nothing gets boring. A chipping mat game adds some excitement and challenge to your practice. 

There are several different types of these chipping Mats. They all have a facsimile of a green or fairway & green combo. Each mat is divided into different sections, with higher point values being assigned to the sections closer to the pin. Many of these mats have Sand traps other hazards that results in negative points or loss of turn. 

You can play this on your own for practice and keep track of your own points or you can compete against others individually or as teams.

Check out some of these options:

Golf Game Mat

Large Chipping Mat


PutterBall is a competitive game of putting combined with beer pong. No, You don’t have to pour beer into the cups. Instead it is like beer pong because the layout of the cups is similar. a set of 6 cups is set up in a triangle formation on each end of the Putterball mat. 

Players take turns putting her ball and trying to sync it into a cup. If they do, that cup is plugged. The game continues until one player or team plugs all of their cups. 

This game is so fun and competitive you might forget you are not in a real golf course. 

Golf Pong/Chip Shot

If you have mastered putting, then you can step up to a more challenging version of PutterBall. Golf Pong, or Chip Shot, is another game where you Try to make shots until all your cups before the opposing player or team. However instead of putting you need to chip the ball into each cup.

Chipping is a skill that takes time to become effective. With golf pong, you can start up close and move farther away as you improve. The game can be played by anyone but it will be challenging for anyone who does not golf regularly. 

Chipping Darts

Looking to replicate that satisfying feeling from the perfect swing? Absent a real golf course it can be hard to achieve. However, beating your buddies in a game of chipping darts comes close. 

Compete against yourself or others in a darts style chipping challenge. Call your name is a simple dartboard that you can hang up Wherever you have room then grab your clubs And you are ready to play. 

Phigolf Golf Simulator

Full-size sophisticated golf simulators are awesome. You get to swing real clubs at a real ball just like on the course, however they’re extremely expensive. Now you can still get a golf simulator experience for a lot less money, you just aren’t hitting a real ball. 

The PHIGolf Simulator club gives you a fairly real swing feeling. It lets you play multiple golf courses from anywhere. Track your scores and swing data in the app to watch yourself improve. You can even play online to complete against others. 

This simulator also provides several modes and “mini” games. This can keep things new and interesting for a long time. This game is the perfect way to keep playing all year round.

Floating Chipping Green

If you are like me, getting a shot over a body of water is always a challenge. No matter the distance it takes some added mental focus to avoid the hazard. With a floating chipping green, you can practice avoiding the water and dropping a precision shot on a green completely surrounded by water.

A floating green works in just about any body of water. It is ideal in pools because recovering balls is obviously much more feasible. You can challenge others to see who can keep the most balls out of harms way, making this a great game for pool parties.

You can find several different sizes online, we prefer the more forgiving large green. Check them out, after all what avid golfer hasn’t dreamed of landing a picture perfect shot on the iconic 17th green at TPC Sawgrass?

Golf Swing Practice Net 

This one might be against the rules because it really isn’t a game. Having said that we think it is worth including in this list because there is no simpler and more effective way to keep your swing sharp in the offseason than a practice net

While the other games on this list are fun, none of them let you wind up and take a full swing with you driver. If you are someone who enjoys pummeling balls downrange but is surrounded by neighbors who don’t appreciate golf balls flying down the cul-de-sac, this might be a worthwhile investment.

SENSECLUB Chipping Net 

More chipping? You bet. If you want to lower your golf score you have got to be dedicated to practicing your short game. The key to maintaining practice is to make it simple and enjoyable. With a target style chipping net like this, you can make practice into a competition against yourself or others.

One way to make this game more challenging is to add in some obstacles. You can place the net on the other side of bushes, small trees, fences, etc. to mimic different potential shots on the course.


Everyone is familiar with the basketball game H-O-R-S-E. This is the same type of game but for putting and chipping. You can combine this game with many of the other games on this list or make up your own shots. You need cups, balls, and clubs, other than that you can set up simple or elaborate shots, trick shots, or puts and challenge an opponent to see if they can make them. 

The game follows the same basic rules as the basketball version. If a player fails to make a shot then they are assigned a letter. This continues until someone has spelled the word golf.

Go Fore It!

Practicing is the only way to improve at golf. If you live somewhere with harsh winters and want to play year round these games can provide you a fun experience that will help to keep your game on the right track.

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