Games Couples Can Play While Talking on The Phone

Long distance relationships require effort. If you want to maintain a thriving life together while miles apart, you are going to need to spend time talking on the phone. Usually for long periods of time. The problem is Sometimes long conversations can be a bit, well, boring, even when you really care about someone. You can easily run out if things to talk about. 

This is the inspiration for our list of games to make long conversations with that special someone more fun and entertaining. So, Here are 12 games couples can play over the phone when they are tired of small talk.

Games to Play When Talking On the Phone

Things On a Hamburger

This one is not meant to make you hungry. Things On a Hamburger is a guessing game where one person draws a card rom the deck that has a category title on it. They must list things that would fit into that category. The other person then tries to guess the category. For example: ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, onion, etc. would be “things you put on a hamburger”. 

This is an actual physical card game you can buy, and I know what you are thinking, how can we draw cards over the phone. Well, you don’t both need to have a copy of the game. One person who has the game would supply the clues and the other person would guess. Of course it would be more fun if both people had a copy and then you could alternate giving clues and guessing. 

Name The Lyrics

For music fans a twist on the classic name that tune makes for a fantastic way to challenge one another. Name that tune you would play a portion of a song and then try to guess the name of that song. When playing over the phone each take turns quoting a line from a song, and the other person has to guess the title or artist. You can be as broad as you like or the game can be modified to focus on a specific genre or era of music. 

It is a fun way for couples to discover each other’s favorite tunes and taste in music. No cheating, Shazam is strictly prohibited! 

You Lie, You Drink

Just because you might be miles apart, doesn’t mean you can’t share a cocktail or two together. A fantastic drinking game you can play over the phone is You Lie, You Drink. In this game you will take turns filling in the blanks on prompt cards. You can either fill in the blank with something true or a lie. The other person has to guess if you are telling the truth or lying. If they are wrong, they drink, if they are right, you drink.

You will have to modify the gameplay a bit in order to do it over the phone. The actually game requires players to submit cards based on whether they think it is a lie or truth. Because you are just two people you won’t need to do this. It works if only one of you has the game. You can read the card to the person who does not have the game and then they can fill in the blank. A simple version of this game could be played without the prompt cards if you get creative. 

You won’t find a much more entertaining way to find out how well you know one another than this game of bluffing!

20 Questions

You are probably familiar with This classic game but it is an easy game to start with. In case you need a refresher of the rules: It involves one person thinking of an object, person, or concept, and the other person has 20 yes-or-no questions to guess what it is. The guesser can ask questions like “Is it an animal?” or “Is it something you can eat?” The game continues until the guesser either correctly guesses the answer or runs out of questions. 

This game encourages communication, critical thinking, and deduction skills. It’s suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by couples who enjoy puzzles and problem-solving.

Story Building

Next up is a game for the creative at heart. In this game, one person starts by saying a sentence to begin a story. Then, the other person adds their own sentence to continue the story, and the back-and-forth storytelling continues. Each partner builds upon the previous sentence, creating a story together. 

This offers a unique way to learn the way the other person thinks and what type of humor they enjoy. 

If You Know You Know

This game allows you to quiz your significant other on how familiar they are with your little habits, quarks, and personality traits. If You Know You Know is a simple party game but can be easily adapted for two people to play over the phone. 

The gameplay is simple. You draw a card and ask the person to answer the question. Each question provides multiple choice answers. The other person selects the answer that they think best suits that person. 

This game is sure to spark more conversation and help you discover things you have never noticed about your partner.

Would You Rather

While it is typically a game played for laughs, you can learn a lot about another person’s feelings and thought process playin Would You Rather

The title of the game basically explains it all but to be clear here are the rules: one person poses a “Would you rather” scenario to the other person, offering two options. The person responding then chooses which option they would prefer and explains their reasoning. The game  alternates between partners, allowing both individuals to ask questions. 

Answer This

You will have to rely on the honor system to play this game. In Answer This, players take turns drawing a card and reading the question aloud. For example: “What do I spend way too much money on?”. Then each player writes down the answer. If the answers match then the person who didn’t read the card gets a point.

With only one of you having the game, one person will have to read the questions for both people and you just alternate when the question is referring to yourself or your significant other. Obviously, it would be easy to cheat over the phone but honesty is key in any relationship so avoid this temptation!

Who’s Most Likely Too?

If you desire a game that will prompt some intriguing conversation and hopefully draw you closer together while having a blast, Who’s Most Likely Too is a great game that can easily be played over the phone. 

In this simple game, you will draw a card that says something like “sit at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green” or “talk to the characters in a movie”. The game is deciding which of you is more likely to do this thing. 

Some of these will be laughably obvious to you both, but others will have you debating on and on. You can alter the rules a bit to make it work for playing while on the phone. Best of all, only one of you actually needs to have the game in their possesion. 

Travel Plans

In this game, one person names a location or country Nothing would like to travel to. Then You work together to create an itinerary for your theoretical trip. Since the strippers theoretical money is no issue. You can Both search online for the craziest hotels to stay at, fanciest restaurants, and the most exotic sites to see.

Without a doubt this game will reveal the travelAspirations of your partner and provide exciting immersion into I new place. Who knows you might even be able to make this trip a reality someday.  

Guess the Movie

In this underrated game, one person provides clues about a movie without mentioning its title. The clues can be related to plot details, characters, or quotes from the movie. The other person is tasked with naming the title of the movie based on the given clues. 

This game serves as a fantastic game or new couples to learn more about each other and ind out things that might not come up in normal conversation. If needed, you can focus the game on specific genres, actors, or time periods to make it easier. 

Desert Island (With a Twist)

Odds are that you have probably heard of the game Desert Island and you are wondering why we would include such a cliche, unoriginal game idea. Well the reason is simple, this is not you daddy’s desert island. 

In the classic desert island game, you imagine you are stranded on a desert island and you can only bring a limited number of things with you. In this version, all of this is true but you and your significant other are stuck on that island together. You must agree on what items you will bring with you. 

Can your relationship handle this test of compromise when survival is on the line?

Final Thought

Spending time talking on the phone doesn’t have to be a formality when in a long distance relationship. You can use any of these games to keep things fresh and help you get to know one another better even though you are miles apart!

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