Spooky, Fun, or Both: 10 Halloween Games for Couples

The weather is getting colder, the plants are dying, there is less and less sunlight. All of these things all contribute to the spooky vibe around Halloween. Some people dig it. They throw parties, watch scary movies, and for some reason try to terrify one another.  

It is also a great opportunity to conjure up some fun with that special someone. Whether you’re new lovebirds or have been together for an eternity, Halloween provides a eerie backdrop for a bewitching game night that will have you both laughing (or terrified). Here is our list of XX games couples can play on Halloween.

Stupid Deaths 

If dark humor is more your taste, then Stupid Deaths will be right up your alley. Can you outrun the Grim Reaper and outlast your opponents? To do so, you will need to correctly choose whether or not each ridiculous story of a historic death is true or false. 

This game is easy to learn and works great for just two players. The gameplay is simple, on the gameboard there is multiple space on the board laid out in a circle. With a red space on at 12 o’clock and a green space at 6 o’clock.  

Players start at the green slot and get to move forward when they correctly choose whether the historic death on the card that was drawn is true or false. The Grim Reaper starts on the red space and gets to move forward for each incorrect answer. If the Grim Reaper catches you, you’re out. 

The first player to the red space, or the last player standing wins the game. Check out the full rules to this game in this video:

Witch’s Brew 

If you and your sweetheart want to have a Halloween drink. Mix up a mystery cocktail for your mate and have a “witch’s” brew competition. The goal of the game can be tailored to what you want in a drink. 

You can compete to make a drink that looks disgusting but still taste great. Challenging the other person to take a drink. You could also go the other route and try to concoct a beverage that looks quite appealing but goes down rough.

Maybe a little ketchup mixed with Vodka? Throw in an olive and you’ve got a bloody eye floating in a drink, but would it taste like a bloody mary? Try it if you dare!

Fear Factor

You don’t need Joe Rogen for this one. If you want to have a thrill you can set up your own set of Fear Factor style challenges to test your metal. We are not talking about jumping from a plane or taking a bath with snakes, but here are some realistic and safe ideas. 

  • Tasting Ghost Pepper Sauce: can you take the heat without going for milk or water for a period of time? Do be careful, this stuff is HOT!
  • Creepy Crawling Commitment: A challenge to keep your hand in a jar of spiders, insects, lizards, mice, or another creepy, crawly animals for a period of time.
  • Blindfold Taste Test: How much do you trust your boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you brave enough to eat whatever they place in front of you while you are blind folded? 
  • Repugnant Smells: Present each other with nasty, strong-smelling substances and challenge them to identify the sources blindfolded.

This type of Halloween game won’t be for everyone, and remember to be safe.

Pumpkin Bowling

Not everyone enjoys the horror, zombies, axe murderers, etc. You know sane people. For a more wholesome but still festive Halloween experience, try putting a twist on the classic game of bowling.

Now, you might be thinking: “really? Its just bowling at home, bid deal.” But, using a pumpkin instead of a ball creates a real challenge. A pumpkin does not roll in a straight line, it bounces, and it breaks. So you will probably want to do this outdoors.

Escape Room Board Games

Many fright seeking couples choose to watch a scary movie together on Halloween. If you want a more immersive experience however, you can’t go wrong with a spooky escape room in a box.

If you aren’t familiar, an escape room in a box is a set of puzzles, clues, riddles, and challenges that the players must complete in order to win the game. Much like a real escape room, but everything is in a box, and you play at home.  There is a time limit to solve the puzzles and escape the scenario.

Put yourself in the middle of your own frightening Halloween adventure and try out one of these eerie and mysterious escape room games:

The Werewolf Experiment:  

Exit: The Abandoned Cabin

Arkham Horror 

Any Lovecraft fans? Arkham Horror is a complex strategy game that grabs you and pulls you into a dark world inspired by the creative works of H.P. Lovecraft. 

This game is not dissimilar to other cooperative strategy games such as Pandemic, but the horror elements make it ideal for couples to play on Halloween. Players work together to investigate and explore an unsettling city to discover and ultimately for all the sinister clowns of a secret group.

You will need to Gather clues, combat terrifying monsters and search for any way to defeat the action threat to our world. Choose one of a cast of investigators processing different abilities to play as. The approach you take will depend on the character you choose, resulting in a different gameplay experience each time. 

Check it out!

Scary Scavenger Hunt 

Spooky, Immersive board games are great for Halloween but if you want to pursue a real experience, head out on the town on a thrilling scavenger hunt. The items on your list can vary and take you to different creepy settings, spooky places, and eerie spots. 


  • Find a tombstone for someone that shares your first name
  • Find a black cat
  • Find a house that looks haunted
  • Find a flickering street lamp or store light

Remember to ensure participants’ safety and obtain any necessary permissions when leading them to potentially spooky places.

Blindfolded Candy Taste Test

Kids flock the streets in costumes each year to see how much candy they can gather up. If your sweetheart and you are staying In there’s no reason why you can’t still  enjoy some tasty treats. turn it into a competition at the same time. 

Each person selects an assortment of 5-10 different candies. Obviously you will want to keep them hidden from the other person until it is go time. Whoever is the first victim, puts on the blindfold and the other starts handling them candy one at a time to identify. 

If you want to keep each other on your toes, you can mix in a couple of not so sweet tasting items, or items with strange textures to surprise them.

Horror Trivia  

Say good bye to boring trivia games. This bout will test your knowledge and keep you up at night. This is the perfect game for couples who consider them well versed in the horror movie genre. Be warned, Horror Trivia is more than simply answering the questions correctly. You must do so to survive!

Death at The Dive Bar 

Monsters and zombies are not for everyone. If your significant other desires a more realistic type of scare and suspense try playing Death at The Dive Bar, a game about catching a murderer.

In this mystery packed with intrigue, you will act as a detective and attempt to decipher the clues, puzzles, and codes in order to catch the killer before it’s too late. There is a real creative story behind this mystery that will have you hooked.

Like escape rooms, this is a one off game, meaning you will only play it one time, as once you solve the game it would no longer be a challenge to play again. Death at The Dive Bar is an immersive and exciting undertaking for people who prefer true crime stories over the mythical and fantastical horror stories.

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