Water Balloon Dodgeball: Complete Guide to Soak Up Some Fun

Gather your friends and family, and brace yourselves for a game that we promise can deliver heaps of laughter, strategy, and of course, a refreshing splash to beat the heat. Enter the exhilarating world of Water Balloon Dodge Ball, a game that combines the thrill of dodgeball with the cool splash of water balloons. It’s fun, it’s competitive, and it’s your next favorite summertime activity!

Whether you’re hosting a casual summer picnic, a lively neighborhood gathering, or simply looking for a way to cool off and compete under the sun, this game is your ticket to an afternoon filled with splashy memories. Let’s dive into the rules:


The aim of Water Balloon Dodge Ball is straightforward yet engaging: players attempt to eliminate all opposing players by striking them with water balloons while nimbly avoiding getting hit themselves. Players may employ just about any type of means to dodge incoming water balloons. 

In Water Balloon Dodge Ball, the objective also extends beyond just elimination and victory—it’s about engaging in a fun, outdoor activity that brings laughter, excitement, and a sense of community among the players. The simplicity of the game’s objective, combined with the lively action it brings to any gathering, makes Water Balloon Dodge Ball a favored choice for an entertaining outdoor game.

Equipment Needed

  1. Water balloons: Fill balloons with water and tie them securely. These auto-fill water balloons are way easier to deal with than filling them one by one. 
  2. Playing area: A large open space, such as a field or a park.
  3. Flags or cones to mark the area
  4. Whistle for starting and stopping the game

Number of Players

Water Balloon Dodge Ball can be played with two teams or multiple individuals. The number of players on each team is flexible but should be equal. Teams are typically made up of 4-6 players but this can be changed depending on the space and the number of available players, 

Game Setup

Fill the water balloons. You need to have plenty on hand for multiple games. For one game you might need as many as 10 balloons per player. 

Divide players into two teams of equal size. Alternatively, if playing individually, players can compete against each other.

Designate the boundaries of the playing area, ensuring it is large enough to allow for safe movement and throwing.


  • Each team or player starts on their side of the playing area.
  • Players must hold at least one water balloon in their hand at all times.
  • The game begins with a signal, such as a whistle or a countdown.
  • Players can move anywhere within the boundaries of the playing area but must not step out of bounds.
  • The primary objective is to throw water balloons at opposing players to eliminate them from the game.
  • A player is eliminated when they are hit by a water balloon that bursts on contact with any part of their body or clothing.
  • Eliminated players must exit the playing area and remain on the sidelines.
  • If a player catches a water balloon thrown by an opponent before it bursts, the thrower is eliminated instead, and the catcher’s team gains one additional player back into the game.
  • Players may use evasive maneuvers, such as ducking, dodging, or blocking, to avoid being hit by a water balloon.
  • If a player drops a water balloon or it bursts in their hand, they are considered out and must leave the playing area.
  • Players cannot hold more than three water balloons at a time. If they have three balloons and catch another, they must immediately throw one before continuing to play.
  • If a player throws a water balloon that bursts before reaching the target, it does not count as an elimination, and the target player remains in the game.
  • The game continues until all players on one team are eliminated, or until a predetermined time limit is reached.
  • If a time limit is set, the team or player with the most players remaining at the end of the time limit wins the game.

Rules and Safety

  • Players must not aim for the heads or faces of their opponents.
  • Players should refrain from throwing water balloons at close range to prevent injury.
  • Players should not intentionally harm or cause discomfort to opponents.
  • Players should respect the boundaries of the playing area.
  • Players should not intentionally step out of bounds to avoid being hit.
  • Players should exercise caution while running to prevent tripping or colliding with other players.
  • It is advisable to have a designated referee or judge to enforce the rules and settle any disputes.

Additional Information:

  • To prepare for the game, ensure you have a good stock of water balloons ready. It’s advisable to have extra balloons prepared as they can burst easily during play.
  • Encourage players to wear appropriate clothing such as quick-drying athletic wear and closed-toe shoes to prevent slipping.
  • Always prioritize safety during gameplay. Ensure players have proper supervision and take necessary precautions to avoid accidents or injuries.

And that’s a wrap on your guide to hosting a splashing round of Water Balloon Dodge Ball! Armed with a set of water balloons, a clear field, and a group of enthusiastic players, you are all set to dive into a whirlpool of excitement and friendly competition.

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