Spirit of The Wild: Games for Hunters

Most hunters, by nature, are a breed apart. They enjoy the thrill of the chase, the patience of the wait, and the deep connection to the wild. So keeping such spirited individuals engaged during downtime—whether around a campfire after a long day or in a hunting lodge at night—can be daunting. 

Traditional games may be too mundane, while high-tech endeavorers could feel out of place amidst the wilderness. One must strike a balance, but how do you cater to the unique blend of skills, knowledge, and passion that hunters possess? 

In this blog post, we will provide you with a collection of games made to appeal specifically to hunters. Ensuring that your crew is enjoying their time and camaraderie, even when the bows and rifles are at rest.

Games Perfect for Hunters to Enjoy

Turkey Call Contest 

Avid hunters will jump at the chance to prove their skills. One potentially hilarious way is to compete to see who can produce the most authentic and convincing turkey call without the aid of any equipment. 

A Turkey Call Contest is a way for hunters to showcase their skills and knowledge of turkey behavior. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just someone who loves the outdoors, this contest promises loads of laughter, camaraderie, and of course, gobbling good fun!

Gun Games

Firearms are obviously a critical tool required for many hunters. Marksmanship contests are enjoyable, but when the time or location doesn’t allow for some target shooting, you can still compete in a carbine contest. Here are some quick gun-related games so you can clash against other hunters:

  • Guess the Caliber: Blindfolded participants are handed a single round, they must guess the caliber or firearm it fits. 
  • Name that Firearm: Players hear a description of a firearm’s features, history, or notable uses, and they must guess which firearm is being described.
  • Magazine Load Relay: Slit into teams of 3 – 5 players. Each player will have a different magazine to load. They can be all the same magazine or different as long as each team has one of each. Teams race to load each magazine one at a time to beat the other team.

Quick Draw Duel

Many hunters would love a dive into the world of the old West. Quick Draw Duel is a game that tries to capture the spirit of a high-noon showdown. Two players face off in a friendly duel, armed only with foam balls, bean bags, or something similar. 

They begin standing back-to-back, tension rises as they take three steps, after the call of “draw!”, they turn and each player aims to be the first to hit their opponent. It’s a test of quick thinking and quicker actions. Who will be the fastest draw in the group?

Camouflage & Seek

Concealment and stealth are a hunter’s friend, especially with game like deer or turkeys. The ability to blend in with your surroundings plays a vital role in the success of a hunt. You can test your camouflaging competency with a game of Camo and Seek.

This game could be played in two ways, either one person tries to hide and a group hunts for them, or all but one person hides and that person tries to locate everyone. Players hiding will utilize their best camouflage techniques and gear to try and stay concealed within a pre-determined area. 

Set a time limit to allow for hiders to go and conceal themselves. Then the seeker(s) set out. If a group is looking for one person, then keep track of how long it takes to find the individual. Compare times after everyone has had a chance to hide. If one person is seeking a group, the last person hidden wins. 

The White’s Tale

If you have a gathering with younger hunters, they may appreciate a board game that melds the world of nature and hunting. In The White’s Tale, players experience the world through the eyes of a white-tailed deer.

The game offers a fun way for players to learn all about the traits and behaviors of the elusive White Tail, an essential aspect of a successful hunter. 

Hunting Yarn Hassle

Hunters love telling their stories of bagging that big buck, or the one that got away. Embellishments are part of the charm of any good hunting yarn. In this game, you can recount your hunting tales and see how much you can get your peers to believe.

The game is essentially a bluffing game. The goal is to tell the most wild story without anyone challenging its validity. One person begins telling their hunting story until someone calls “BS!”. If someone calls “BS” and that part of the story is in fact true, they are out. If someone completes their story with no interruptions, their story is then judged against the others to see who has the best hunting yarn.

Deer In The Headlights

When the day’s hunt is over and you are looking to relax, Deer In The Headlights offers a goofy but competitive game that will keep hunters of all ages engaged.

The objective is to win each round by discarding cards. At the end of the game, the lowest score wins. Watch out, your luck can change with the roll of the dice and you can find yourself stuck with a load of cards. 

Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice does not have an inherent connection to hunting, however, this game is a unique and competitive change of pace from the same old card game. The game is simple and easy to learn. It has some great aspects that will especially appeal to the rugged and manly among your gang.

You can see the full specifics of the game in this article about manly bachelor party games.

Firearm Jeopardy

Not all hunters use a firearm, but those that do, know that knowledge of your tool will help you to identify the best cartridge for the job. Firearm Jeopardy is both a fun and educational way to enjoy some downtime with fellow hunters. 

Like regular Jeopardy, you will have a group of categories. They could be Rifles, Pistols, Blackpowder, Shotgun, Historical, etc. Each category has a set of questions that are valued based on difficulty, $100-$500.  Prepping for this game will take some time to come up with categories and questions, but it is familiar to everyone and easy to learn.

Hunt for a Good Time

Hunting is about disciplining yourself and gaining the knowledge and skills required to go toe-to-toe with nature and prove you can survive. However, the goal is to enjoy the experience. When not on the hunt, you can use these creative game ideas to relax, teach, and build some camaraderie with other hunters.

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